Texas Ranger’s Offseason Recap and Preview

Well, they are the defending American League champions:

Grade: CNotable Additions:
Adrian Beltre, Yorvit Torrealba, Mike Napoli, Arthur Rhodes, Brandon Webb, and Dave Bush.

Notable Subtractions:
Thumbnail image for cliff-lee-rangers-apjpg-776aa8da8a7821e9_large.jpg
Cliff Lee, Jeff Francoeur, Rich Harden, Frank Francisco, Jorge Cantu, Bengie Molina, and Vladimir Guerrero.

Why?: Well actually, after losing out on Cliff Lee I thought the Rangers had a pretty good off-season. They certainly increased the depth in their line-up. Despite this, the reason I give them a C and not higher, is that Cliff Lee’s role as a role model for a very young rotation might have been greater than his individual contribution to the team. When Nolan Ryan first joined the Rangers as an executive, he wanted to have the pitchers throwing more innings and more strikes. Well, no one this side of Roy Halladay does this better than Cliff Lee. Although, Yorvit Torrealba did have some experience in managing a budding staff with the Padres last season and he will probably be the starting catcher for the Rangers for most of this season. As Mike Napoli’s defense behind the plate is a concern for the coaching staff and front office.

I see the Ranger’s becoming a better version of their 2005-2009 clubs, an offense that has to score more runs than the starters give up. True, they have more depth than those teams had, but they still have no clear cut #2 after CJ Wilson. I do like best, their acquisition of Brandon Webb more than that of Adrian Beltre. I think that he could get back to being a top of the line starter. Will he? Probably not but if he doesn’t, you are only paying a million dollars for most likely a veteran who contributes in the back of the rotation. This is dependent on the fact that Michael Young is staying but, I think that the only team without a weak roster spot ie the Yankee’s fourth and fifth starters or the Red Sox’s Catcher.

Predicted Record range: 86-91 wins and 76-71 losses. Which will be good for either 1st or second place in the West depending on the Athletics’ record but I don’t see them reaching the World Series if they do win because of the lack of a dominant ace, though they do have a plethora of depth in the rotation. There is always the possibility that they have the World Series loser syndrome, which is to say that they will fall off substantially but I think that they will keep the pace because of their youth. True that this could be a reason for their demise but… where was I going with this? Can I change my mind now? Oh well, I already wrote the entry.

Up Next: Oakland Athletics

P.S. I know this isn’t a letter but, did anyone notice that even though I wrote a pretty extensive entry on Spring Training beginning. I was not featured on the Mlblogs home page (for those who don’t know how to get there click on the Mlblogs Network in the upper left corner) I mean there were entries that were only three sentences and even one that only had eight views when I saw it (#15).


  1. Mateo Fischer

    Actually, the reason I gave them a C is that I made it more of a spectrum because using the grades as percentages. So a C is they subtracted as much as they added, a C+ means the additions narrowly outweigh the subtractions etc. By the way, where does Tobin play? I’ve heard the name before but have been tooo busy to look him up.
    Hope that clears things up,

  2. drrichardfist

    I thought this was kind of harsh, a C, I would have probably given them a B-. Their Offseason was not the greatest, but some of the people that they aquired are going to be a well rounded group of people. Mason Tobin is going to be a dark horse, he is gonna start off slow, but, when it is all said and done he will prove his worthiness. But I did enjoy your article and did agree with some of the things you had to say. Thanks

  3. hefe300

    So, even if Torrealba was the back up as you (erroneously) claim, he’s less notable than McClung, a non roster invite with little to no chance at making the club? Interesting. Point of fact: Torrealba is the #1 catcher. The front office and manager Ron Washington agree on this. The bulk of Napoli’s at-bats will come at first base and DH, mostly against left-handed starters and on days when Michael Young plays the field. Matt Treanor stands to be the primary back up. I totally see your point about Lewis, and I would be more inclined to agree if he were the same pitcher he was before his time in Japan. I’ve seen both versions and the current one has two big advantages over the old one. The first being a consistent delivery, giving him better command and the second, a nasty slider/cutter, has become his secondary pitch, relegating his mediocre curveball to tertiary status. Fun talking baseball with you. Have a nice day.

    • Mateo Fischer

      You’re right, both that it was an erroneous claim and that McClung is notable. McClung I can just say that for some reason the name recognition was strong enough that I thought he had done well a few years ago and figured he had stayed the same. As far as Torrealba, I looked at the Napoli deal initially from the stand point of a GM and not a manager. I saw a player that played C, 1B, and DH. I also saw two of those positions taken by a former batting champ and face of the franchise and a growing star. So to take away time from either would be nonsensical, to me, but I forgot that Torrealba did such a great job with the pitching staff in San Diego last season. I assumed (wrongfully) that Torrealba and Napoli would be competing in camp for the Catcher’s job but if they say he will be the Catcher then I am sorry. I didn’t see Colby Lewis before he went to Japan so I can’t attest to his improvements but he was a good “pitcher” when I saw him in the playoffs. Then again my disposition to the rest of the Ranger’s rotation might be as a Yankee’s fan and only focusing on Cliff Lee beating them two years in a row.

      Point of Facts: re-read the entry

  4. Mateo Fischer

    I do agree with you about Bengie that completely slipped my mind (and the source that I got the additions and subtractions from didn’t have him) but if Michael Young stays put then Mike Napoli is the Catcher Mich Moreland is the first basemen and Yorvit Torrealba is a back up cathcer and that isn’t really a notable addition to me. As far as Colby Lewis goes, you’re right about them having similar years last season but I see CJ had past success, even if it was in the bullpen. Colbly on the other hand, had a career 6.71 ERA before this season, something I think you would agree is not fit to be a #2 starter. Hopefully for the Rangers he can continue last season and be a #2 starter. Anyway, when I said they didn’t have a clear #2 it was really a testament to how many past great pitchers they had. They have three pitchers Lewis, Webb, and Feldman that have been a number two or can be in this next season. I hope that answers your questions but thank you for the criticism though, I mean look at this comment. I could have filled half an entry with this stuff. Now I know to be more clear with my intentions because there’s always a fan out there.

    Mateo Fischer

  5. hefe300

    I give this entry a D+. There is no mention of the notable addition of Yorvit Torrealba or the notable subraction of Bengie Molina. Also, if CJ Wilson is their #1, then Colby Lewis is the clear #2. The two pitchers had very similar seasons in many respects, save for run support and both were good in the postseason.

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