Tampa Bay Rays Offseason Recap and Preview

They did win the most games out of anyone in the American League:


because I knew the they won the AL East but it is still shocking in retrospect.

Grade:D- F

Notable Additions:


Manuel Ramirez, Johnny Damon, Kyle Farnsworth, Casey Kotchman, Felipe Lopez, and Dirk Hayhurst.

Notable Subtractions:


Carl Crawford, Dan Wheeler, Rafael Soriano, Jason Bartlett, Matt Garza, Joaquin Benoit, Grant Balfour, Randy Choate, Carlos Pena, Dioneer Navarro, Gabe Kapler, Brad Hawpe, and Chad Qualls.

Why?:  Well, let’s see where to start? For one, that is the first three line notable subtractions segment I have written. Normally, its about five guys that are notable and then ten or something minor leaguers that they lost to free agency. Here, it was just the opposite. I think everyone knew that this was the year they would lose most of their top talent but they lost the barn with the cows, losing so many people in their bullpen:


They did sell the barn to strengthen the farm though. They definitely know what to do with high draft picks. There was a book written on the subject. I think that the Rays will be better in the future because of not paying for their core but the grade is still how they helped their team THIS YEAR.

So, will they one up last year? No, but will they have a solid “time waste” year? What does that even mean?


3rd Place? 4th Place? Or just surviving the year with minimal financial loss?

Predicted Record Range: 65-70 wins Even if they can get a lot of runs. I see this being like the 2007 season. If anyone remembers, they would get ahead of very good teams and then give up afew runs late in the game because of their bullpen and lose. Their bullpen is even worse now but I think that their offense is much better as well. That year they didn’t have Evan Longoria in their line-up.


  1. Mateo Fischer

    As much as I would like to give the Rays a better outcome I realize that I can’t give every team a predicted 100 win because there aren’t enough wins. It was a very difficult division to win in and it has improved on every team that doesn’t begin in Ra. Do I think they could possibly win in the 80s in some other division? Yes. I am just more optimistic about the other teams’ ability to win because of the fact it is a young rotation that can be discouraged by what looks to be a holy bullpen. Please apologize to all Rays fans for me but I see them going against: the team with the most homeruns in the league, two of the most improved teams in the league, and the Yankees. I wouldn’t have many teams winning a significant number of games in that division.
    Have fun with Manny and Johnny, hopefully they’ll stay another year,

  2. raysrenegade

    Do not let the roster roll call being sone daily fool you. This team is a lot better situated than you give them credit for….I say closer to 86-88 wins.
    The rotation is all home grown, the Bullpen is coming together and as long as Manny doesn’t want to drive the team bus….should be a fun ride.
    Most Rays fans knew Crawford, Benoit, Soriano,Pena and Choate were gone moments after the ALDS Game 7 loss.
    Optimisim springs eternal in my house.

    Rays Renegade

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