Cincinnati Reds Offseason Recap and Preview

For so long they had struggled at the bottom of the NL Central with the Brewers and Pirates but last year:

Grade: D
Notable Additions:
Edgar Renteria, Jeremy Hermeida, and Dontrelle Willis (if he ever figures it out again).
Notable Subtractions:
Jim Edmonds, Arthur Rhodes, Aaron Harang, Micah Owings, and Orlando Cabrera.
Why?: Let’s calculate the net worth relative to last year, shall we? A colombian for a colombian makes me more likely to see a Reds game, but hinders them defensively and does not do anything for their offense there. An Edmonds for a Hermeida does not help them in any aspects except maybe future production. Aaron Harang and Micah Owings for Dontrelle Willis lowers the pithing talent substantially and slightly lowers the offensive production of the position (Owings is great hitting pitcher but Willis was pretty good himself).
Then there is the outright loss of Arthur Rhodes. He had a career year last year but if he returns to anywhere near that it will be a big loss to their bullpen that might be covered by the emergence of Aroldis Chapman.
Overall, they had an answer to all their losses but they were lower quality versions. When you replace parts of a high quality machine (that may or may not be red) with lower quality parts then the quality of the machine as a whole will be lower.
Predicted Record Range: 85-90 wins. Like I said in the above paragraph, the team will be of lower quality. Granted, they still have the no-fluke MVP of last year but they also had A LOT of comeback wins which are not easily repeatable.
Up Next: St. Louis Cardinals


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  2. Mateo Fischer

    Oh yeah. They could definitely win that many. Keep in mind that two of those (you could have an argument for all) are not even close to their potential. What I based my win total on was the fact that they won 91 last year and had a net loss in personnel and regression in comeback wins that in my mind equals out to 1-6 wins but if Stubbs and Bruce progress and all the pitchers progress (keep in mind that the only “veteran” is Arroyo) they could give the Phillies a run for their money in most wins in the NL.

    Thanks for commenting,

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