Re-view of the Preview: Seattle Mariners

First of all, here is the initial entry.

My Predicted record: 61-65 wins

Actual Record: 67-95


I pretty much got this team right. I gave them a C- and although they did improve in their record, it was not as a result of net addition during the offseason. Rather it was, as I said, the younger players like Dustin Ackley improving and the team developing as a whole. The offense is still very much challenged, but it isn’t a disaster of historic proportions like last year.  Besides this, I can’t really say anything about the Mariners because I didn’t touch upon that many topics in the first entry. I really stuck with certain topics and elaborated upon them more than I usually did with those entries. That said, it now appears as though the Mariners are committed to Felix Hernandez and it *seems* like they have minimal intentions of trading him as of 10:05 November, 07, 2011. However, his salary is still set to rise over the next few years and the Mariners may decide that it is not worth it to keep him around when the team around him is still on the rise.

I think I pretty much pegged the AL West. Next up is the AL Central, where I think I may have been a LITTLE off on my predictions >cough, cough, Twins< The next entry will not be up until at least Thursday, though. This is because

I am going on a retreat with my school and won’t have access to the internet until I get back Wednesday night.

Hello, observers of baseball. Let me know what you though of the entry no matter what you thought of it. Additonally, let me know if you'd like to see me do anything in specific or what I'm doing right or wrong when I do write entries.

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