Re-view of the Preview: Kansas City Royals

First of all, here is the link to the first entry. By the way, I always put the link to the previous entry on the word “here” just because it would be tougher to link a whole phrase of words.


Predicted record: 68-73 wins

Actual record: 71-91


This prediction I pretty much got right, which in the AL Central is the equivalent of throwing a strike to the Home Plate at Yankee Stadium from the upper deck. I didn’t really get the prediction right, though, as to how exactly the Royals would win their games. I really predicted, because it was mostly an entry on the offseason moves, that the Royals would win their games through all  of their newly acquired pitching. However, I failed to look at what they already had on their team. The Royals offense, was their main asset.


I failed to see their offensive potential, because they really didn’t have much. The main reasons the Royals succeeded so were: Billy Butler doing what he always does, Alex Gordon finally living up to some of the hype, and Eric Hosmer coming up and helping. There were other people, but these were the main reasons, as far as I can tell from what I watch of the Royals during a typical baseball season (I really don’t watch them much at all).


Whatever the case, I’m glad that I’m starting to go to the AL East in this series of entries where I (hopefully) did better on my predictions than I did in the AL Central. This was just brutal. I truly messed up on these.


The first entry in the AL East will be the Red Sox, I believe. Maybe not. I can’t remember if I did it in order of the last season’s record or of the predicted record. If it was the former case, it will be the Rays that come first.


  1. Mateo Fischer

    The one thing they definitely have going for them is the best, if not one of, farm system in baseball. Last I heard, they have 2-3 good to really good Pitchers on their way up and 1-2 postition players.

  2. Wayne

    I think the Royals may have playoff potential in the years to come. But they lack pitching depth. Which is killing them right now.

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