Re-view of Preview: Atlanta Braves

First off, here, is the entry horribly mangled by the transition to WordPress. It just happens that some pictures in certain entries appear as several in this particular entry appear as they were lost in the transition from Two Apart to WordPress.


Predicted Record: 91-96 wins

Actual Record: 89-73


This was pretty much right on because most of my prediction revolved around the acquisition of Dan Uggla, who was absolutely wretched compared to expectation this season. I mean, yes, he did have a 33 game hitting streak from the beginnings of July to the beginnings of April, but do you realize that despite that he had a .233 average for the season. This just shows how terrible his first half was that he could get at least 1 hit for 33 games straight and still not have an average above .250.


Imagine he actually hit his usual .260-.280. We would have a different World Series champion this year. It wouldn’t necessarily be the Braves, but they were the team the Cardinals beat out to get into the playoffs in the first place. Despite all of this, I still have no idea how the Braves didn’t make the playoffs. After the first game in their penultimate series against the Nationals (which I was at all three games of) the Braves magic number (number of their wins+ Cardinals losses to get into the playoffs) was 2 or 3. The weirder thing: a Nationals fan in the bleachers the second game was telling  a Braves fan that nothing would give him more joy than to keep them from the playoffs, which looked like a fantasy at that point.


Anyway, I pretty much nailed the Braves if Dan Uggla would have played up to expectations.



  1. Mateo Fischer

    WAYNE: I personally don’t think that it was an adjustment problem, but rather, Uggla just had a bad year. I am pretty sure he will come back next year and the Braves will make the playoffs as a result. The reason? Uggla had some of the hardest HRs in the league last year MPH-wise. So, he was obviously making solid contact. Let us also not forget he DID hit 36 HRs.

    KRISTEN: There was a time when Vernon Wells was very good and it seemed he hit a Home Run every time I got up to get food at the Old Yankee Stadium. At no point did he ever feel like $20/yr man. I felt the move last year felt out of desperation, and one can only hope Vernon can get back to his previous level and make the move somewhat worth it (as the Angels also lost Mike Napoli).

  2. This is a very simple game...

    Hitting streak aside, Uggla did have a terrible year…and yet he still wound up with a better average than our previous GM’s “Big Splash” Vernon Wells. *face palm* One would think both players would be more their usual selves this season now that they’re used to their new teams and all. We’ll see.
    — Kristen

  3. Wayne

    Dan Uggla was in fact a huge disappointment. But I think most of this is just getting used to the new team, new ballpark, etc. Next year should be Dan Ugglas year with the Braves providing he stays healthy.

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