Re-view of the Preview: Chicago Cubs

First of all, here, is the first entry.

Predicted Record: 77-82
Actual Record: 71-92

I really didn’t expect to get this prediction right. For whatever reason, the Cubs have always been a sort of an enigma to me. I can never really figure them out. I am an East coast guy,but I also like looking into the lower profile teams, and I guess the Cubs really fit into neither of these. For example, I never knew of Aramis Ramirez or Mark DeRosa until three years ago. I had absolutely no idea who they were.

I actually was pretty close given that my predicted record was predicated on the rotation returning to its predicted potential with Zambrano and Silva, neither of which lived anywhere near their expectations. Other than this, I can’t really say much. I didn’t go to a single Cubs game. I went to close to 50 games last year. So to say I didn’t see the Cubs at all is a bigger statement than it seems.

I guess that’s it…


  1. Mateo Fischer

    It good to know that I’m not the only one. In my opinion, it definitely is a good thing they are finally going into the rebuilding process. It’ll be interesting to see how much further they delve into said process this offseason, though. They still have a couple of big contracts eating at them, and trade talk is in the air. We’ll see if they can top the A’s as the sellers of the offseason.

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