Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2012 Offseason Recap and Preview

Vernon, oh Vernon, where wert thou?


Grade: A-


Notable Additions:

Albert Pujols, C.J. Wilson, Brad Mills, Chris Iannetta, Latroy Hawkins, and Jorge Cantu.


Notable Subtractions:

Fernando Rodney, Joel Pineiro, Jeff Mathis, Scott Kazmir, and Tyler Chatwood.


Why?: The Angels did do an A+ job in getting their team better for this year, but I am not a big fan of paying big dollars for players in their older years. Yes, Albert Pujols is worth $25+ million NOW. Actually, he’s probably worth more than that, but he showed signs of regression this year, having one of his worst seasons to date. Will he be worth $25+ million ten years from now? Ten years is almost half of a career for most players. Will he even be a $15 million player at that stage of his career? Well, it doesn’t matter, because the Angels will still be paying him $27.5 million.


I am more okay with C.J. Wilson’s contract, but I still wouldn’t do it myself. I liked him the first season he was a starting pitcher, and was amongst the first people to identify him as an ace as I actually said he was an ace in the first (real) entry I ever wrote on this blog. The main beef I have with it is that he does only have two seasons as a starting pitcher. He has been really good in those two seasons, but I predict that he will pitch less than 200 innings in one of the next two seasons due to injury. Another thing is that I think they over-paid for him, because it was a pitching starved market. I think they should have waited until next year to sign a pitcher. The only benefit I can see from signing a pitcher this year is that it takes away an ace from the Angels primary only competition in the AL West in the Rangers and it probably led them to overpaying for Yu Darvish


Besides this, they did lose Fernando Rodney from a bullpen that was a far cry from those of the early 2000’s, but it is still pretty solid and the improvement in the rotation more than offsets his loss, because they might not need a stellar bullpen with their starters constantly going 7 innings.


Just something I want to throw in,I do think that Pujols’ impact on the offense is overrated, though. The offense may indeed be a good one, but if it is, it won’t be because of Pujols alone. Lost in all of this hoopla is that Kendrys Morales, the main anchor of the line up in 2010, will be back in 2012. Also, the line up last year wasn’t all that good to begin with. I saw them for three games last year (linked here, here, and here) over “Balhawk Fest” weekend. I think there was no Slugging Percentage over .500 in the line up and no OBP over .400. The two most feared bats in the line up were rookies!


Predicted Record Range: 92-97 wins


P.S. Sorry to the person who voted for the Mariners, but I had already written this entry when I saw your vote. So, to make it up to you, I will vote for the Mariners to give them an extra vote.


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  1. Mateo Fischer

    When you put it in terms of the roster and what those players’ names have behind of them, this team will actually probably surpass that 95 win mark, but what I had in mind when I made the prediction is: “how well did this team do last year, and what did the net additions add to that total?” A bunch of people in this equation had under performed last year. So if they have bounce-back years, the over performers keep it up, and Kendrys Morales returns to his former form, they are probably within one or two games of 100 wins. This is just one of those teams I was willing to get burned by to take a wait-and-see approach on.

  2. bloggingboutbaseball

    I may have a bit of a bias here but I think that the Angels are set up to win at least 95 games based on the players they’ve brought in. With Pujols, Morales, and Trumbo, however, I would expect that Trumbo becomes trade bait for some extra bullpen help. I’ve been enjoying these entries, Mateo.
    Think about this:
    Aybar, Kendrick, Pujols, Morales, Hunter, Wells, Callaspo, Ianetta, Bourjous. Abreu, Izturis, Trout, Conger, and Trumbo are your bench players. Weaver, Haren, Wilson, Santana, Williams in your rotation. Thompson, Takahashi, Hawkins, Walden, and Downs. That’s got to be one of the top 5 rosters in the Major Leagues this year!

  3. Mateo Fischer

    I got the “idea” from travelling to so many stadiums last year (over 10). In a couple of places did they have a guy like that. Baltimore absolutely hated Kevin Gregg -or should I make that present tense?- Chicago couldn’t stand Marmol, but the funniest out of all of them was when I was at Sun Life Stadium and teo men were having a conversation during batting practice. One of the men said, “Oh, my wife knows when it’s the bottom of the ninth.”


    “Whenever she hears me yelling at the TV, she asks me, ‘Hun, is Nuñez in the game again?”

    I guess that guy’ll have to pick some other team if he wants to yell at the TV this year.

  4. Mateo Fischer

    I think that Rodney is one of those guys that you always like until he’s on your team. Then you hate the guy. Sort of like Carlos Marmol. Another thing that might have me leaning slightly towards Rodney is that I remember in the year that I actually did collect baseball cards, I got a 1 of 50 Rodney card, which had a flowery description of him on the back (like all baseball cards do). Nowhere in that description did it ever have a foot note stating “Warning: Topps is not responsible for any hair-loss that may occur as a result of watching Rodney.”

  5. This is a very simple game...

    Wow, I am sorry I missed this earlier. You certainly asked the $254 million question…and the $126 million dollar one as well, LOL. Eh, I’m not usually one to cheer for or suggest huge contracts either, but I am happy with the end results of this season’s purchases for now, so we’ll see how it all turns out. Your’s is a pretty accurate assessment in my opinion, including of the offense last season. Ugh! The only thing I disagree with: Rodney. For the Angels, getting Rodney out of the bullpen is a good thing, possibly for Rodney too. By half way through the season he was like a throw back to the old days of the Angels arson squad bullpen. Let’s see if a clean slate helps him improve his game and if the room his departure made for Hawkins – and hopefully one more arm, please Jerry, please! – helps the Angels out.
    — Kristen

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