Cleveland Indians 2012 Offseason Recap and Preview

2011 was truly a fun year for the Cleveland Indians…the first half anyway:

Grade: B-

Notable Additions:

Casey Kotchman, Jeremy Accardo, Jose Lopez, Derek Lowe, Felix Pie, Kevin Slowey, and Dan Wheeler.

Notable Subtractions:

Jim Thome, Adam Everett, and Austin Kearns.

Why?: This is a weird entry/grade. The addition far surpass the subtractions. That said, I usually don’t put in more than one or two players in the “Notable” lists that have been signed to a minor league contract. In this entry, however, I have five players that were signed to minor league contracts on the list. This serves as an indicator that a lot of the players aren’t game changers. In other words, the subtraction players aren’t that far away from equaling the value to a team that the addition players present, a fact which reflects itself in the grade I gave their offseason.


Also, Kosuke Fukudome and Chad Durbin have yet to sign, which may bring the Indians’ grade down as they were on the Indians last year.


Predicted Record Range: 77-82 wins

Next Up: 



  1. Mateo Fischer

    Will it matter, though, is the question. I guess it has some moral victory-ness to it, but I think the more interesting thing this year will be the battle fro the East and West divisions as both have at least two really good teams at the top. The wild-card playoff should be a fun one with what ever combination of Yankees, Rays, Rangers, Red Sox, and Angels it ends up being.

  2. Mateo Fischer

    Maybe, but they could also be the team of the first half of last year. I don’t see that team winning the division this year, but they *could* come in second. Really, though, I agree with you, which is why “stuck at the same place they were last year. Actually, now that I look at the standings, they WERE in second even with a record below .500. I guess that just goes to show how weak the division is. I’m suddenly missing the year where the Tigers got to the World Series as the Wild Card team. Those years were more fun, mostly because the Twins were winning the division every year.

Hello, observers of baseball. Let me know what you though of the entry no matter what you thought of it. Additonally, let me know if you'd like to see me do anything in specific or what I'm doing right or wrong when I do write entries.

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