Toronto Blue Jays 2012 Offseason Recap and Preview

I think the Blue Jays’ 2011 season is best summed up by the culture lead by the one and only, Joey Bats:


Grade: C


Notable Additions:

Francisco Cordero, Ben Francisco, Jason Frasor, and Darren Oliver.


Notable Subtractions:

Frank Francisco, Shawn Camp, Nelson Figueroa, Chad Gaudin, Brad Mills, Jose Molina, Jon Rauch, Omar Vizquel, and Dewayne Wise.


Why?: First of all, let me say that this team definitely leads the league in “Francisco” related transactions. Maybe it’s just me, but they added both Fancisco Cordero and Ben Francisco. Then I think they made sure not to re-sign Frank Francisco just to add him to the list.


Really the grade from this came in that the average talent level of the players they added was far greater than that of the players lost, but there were just too many players lost to give the Blue Jays a grade that suggested they got better this offseason (for those who don’t know, a “C” means the team added just as much talent as they lost in an offseason. Anything above means they improved in terms of talent, anything below means they got worse in terms of talent. The degree to which they were better or worse than a “C” dictates how much talent they gained or lost. Also, by talent, I mean to suggest how much better they made the team itself for the next season. So although a minor league may be talented beyond belief, if he isn’t expected to play in MLB that next season they didn’t add any talent as far as I am concerned. I do give brownie point in the grades for good moves in terms of the long term, but the grade is based on how well the team set itself up for the immediately subsequent season. So that would be 2012 for this offseason.)


I really don’t feel like getting into the specifics, but I feel as though this is really the same team, talent-wise, as last season, so I gave them a “C”.


Predicted Record Range: 80-85 wins I don’t know why, but I just think this team could get a few games better this season, even though they really added a net-value of nothing.


Next Up:



  1. mfgoffy

    Unfortunately the Jays are not part of our road trip – they are in KC in April and Tampa later in May. With MLB extra innings, will be keeping an eye on them via ipad etc.

    Good luck this season!

  2. Mateo Fischer

    I checked out the site actually before you posted that second comment, but yeah, it sounds like you have a great road trip in store. Now when you say you’ll be keeping an eye on them, do you mean in person? As in the AL MLB games you attend will probably include the Blue Jays?

  3. mfgoffy

    Thanks Mateo – we depart May 3rd from Chicago, taking in stops in Des Moines, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, St Louis, Nashville and Atlanta. Should be a great trip. Will be keeping an eye on my blue birds of course!


  4. Mateo Fischer

    I do agree that the bullpen will help them and I would have tacked on a few more wins had I known this when I wrote the entry, but I don’t know if their improvements are worth as much as 10 wins. It’s awesome that you’re doing that trip. I’ll be sure to check out at least part of it when you begin (which would be when?). If you make your way to New York, I’ll gladly meet you at either ballpark.

  5. mfgoffy

    As a Jays fan, the off season was a little disappointing yes. But I do feel we have improved based on the bullpen restructure. We led the league in blown saves last year, and although I can’t be bothered to look it up, we probably are up there in blown holds and blown 5 run leads too. Difficult to use stats accurately in this case, but the new bullpen could be worth 10 more wins. That makes us close.

    Still, if Lind continues to whiff at left handed pitching, then Joey Bats will get his walks sure, but won’t get the RBI chances. So we might very well be a .500 team again.

    A couple of buddies and I are on a 2 week road trip in May, taking in 6 MLB games and 4 AAA games. Will be blogging as we go – might be something to follow as baseball lovers. Cheers!

  6. Mateo Fischer

    The only thing about that theory is that it would mean teams from divisions like the AL East are simply superior to teams of other divisions, and we can see from the Rangers getting to the World Series, facing the Giants and Cardinals respectively, that this just isn’t true.

  7. Mateo Fischer

    Have the same exact thought. The only thing that stumps that logic is that they don’t have enough wins to win other divisions, but I always ask whether their win total would go up in changing divisions. Maybe.

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