New York Mets 2012 Offseason Recap Preview

Once again in the pitcher-friendly Citi Field, it was the Mets rotation that helped them stay afloat in 2011:


Grade: F

Notable Additions:

Andres Torres, Ronny Cedeño, Frank Francisco, and Jon Rauch.

Notable Subtractions:

Jose Reyes, Chris Capuano, Willie Harris, Ryota Igarashi, Jason Isringhausen, Angel Pagan, Jason Pridie, Chris Young.

Why?: Let me put it to you this way, the Mets would have had a way worse team even if they had not lost Jose Reyes.

Now that I’ve said that, let’s compare the two columns side-by-side. Sure they got two good bullpen options in Fransisco and Rauch, but they don’t have either of their closers from last year (K-Rod and Isringhausen).

The other two additions the Mets made were to add an Outfielder and a shortstop via Torres and Cedeño. What they lost, however, were three Outfielders-two of which were starters- and quite possibly THE best (offensive) Shortstop in the game last year.

If all that weren’t enough, they also lost two starting pitchers and a decent bullpen option that happens to be the only player I’ve played catch with.

I think I might be a little too harsh with them due to them being my local over-shadowed team, but I’ll stick with it.

Predicted Record Range: 67-72 wins. I wouldn’t surprise me, though, if they surpassed this total. The Mets seem to be one of those teams that does the opposite of whatever is expected of them. When they are predicted to win the division, they falter at the end of the season. When they are predicted to stink, the go on a run in June where they are the best team in baseball.

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  1. Mateo Fischer

    Oh, well thanks. That’s something I’ve always wondered and wanted to know. Is that what is meant when it is said a player signs a minor league deal? In that, they signed with a team in the minor leagues, or is that a separate issue all together?

  2. nybisons

    This is what happens: Okay, so the players that have signed contracts with there “parent MLB club”, stay with that team to wherever the MLB team goes, but if the player has signed a contract with the minor-league team, they stay with that team when they change their “parent MLB club”. That is what happened to the BIsons. All of the good players that they had had a contract with the Indians, so they moved on to Columbus. (The Triple A team that the Indians are with now.) All the bad players stayed with Buffalo then and they just got all these bad players when the Mets came too.
    -Quinn from nybisons

  3. Mateo Fischer

    That seems (as a person who has never even been to Buffalo) to be a sad situation. I mean the Mets really aren’t a team in recent memory that has produced via their farm system. Just something I’ve always wondered: what happens to the players when a minor league team switches from one organization to another? I have seen it happen before, but I’m unsure. Do all of the players on that team suddenly become a part of the new franchise? In this situation it seems unreasonable, because what happens if you have a good prospect on one of those teams? Would you always have to trade another minor league team to switch the prospects to? Sorry if I sound ignorant, but it’s just that, frankly, I am. Enlighten me if you would like.

  4. nybisons

    It’s just a shame how the Mets are like this. I remember when the Bisons ( Mets Triple-A Farm team) were really good when they were with the Indians. Right when they signed a contract with the Mets though, let me say that it has been really depressing when it comes to me going to Bisons games. The Bisons have been plain out horrible ever since they signed that contract with the Mets. The Mets are just not a good team and I hope that the Bisons will be with another team soon.
    -Quinn from nybisons

  5. Mateo Fischer

    It definitely will be a few more tough years to be a Met fan, but i’m not complaining, I grew up a Yankee fan, really never liked the Mets that much and having an emptier Citi Field benefits me.

  6. djpostl

    Sad thing is, it’s not gettin’ much better over the next few years. Their farm system is mediocre (in terms of talent & depth) and the Wilpons are in deep financial straits that are only going to get worse.

    The team has a few BIG bills about to come due, including huge chunks of payments on the new stadium.

    Gonna be a long 4-5 years for Mets fans.

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