Los Angeles Dodgers 2012 Offseason Recap and Preview

For the Dodgers, it was the year of the star player. First there wa Andre Eithier making noise with his big hitting streak at the beginning of the year:

Then there was Matt Kemp with extraordinary MVP-type season:

Finally, who could forget the amazing season Clayton Kershaw had that won him the Cy Young Award:


Grade: C+


Notable Additions:

(That is actually a picture from a game that I went to, I made sure it was specifically for the guest I had during that game, because he almost called a no-hitter before the game started. So, Chris, as in Cositore, if you are reading this, that picture is for you.) Chris Capuano, Todd Coffey, Mark Ellis, Jerry Hairston Jr., Aaron Harang, Adam Kennedy, and Matt Treanor.


Notable Subtractions:

Hiroki Kuroda, Rod Barajas, Casey Blake, Jonathan Broxton, Jamey Carroll, Hong-Chih Kuo,and Vicente Padilla.


Why?: This is a pretty sticky situation to try and decipher. No, not because of the whole “sale of the team” thing, but because the Dodgers rid themselves of two guys that, if they perform up to what the have shown previously, could make this a very bad offseason for them. Those two would be: Jonathan Broxton and Vicente Padilla. Think about it, if those guys get back to how they were not too long ago, the Dodgers would have gotten rid of a front-to-middle of the rotation starter and a bona fide closer.


Even outside of the offseason AND the sale of the team situation, the Dodgers are a mystery. Take Andre Eithier for example, this is a guy that we have seen hit 30 HRs in a season and drive in 100 runs before. If he does this last year, the Dodgers are probably in 2nd place in their division. He is just one example, but this team could easily be a contender in the division if all the players on their team matched what they have shown they can be. I realize that any team would be better if they did so, but it seems to apply to the Dodgers much more so than to any other team (last year the team I ascribed this trait to was the Arizona Diamondbacks).


Predicted Record Range: 81-86 wins


Next Up:



  1. Mateo Fischer

    It definitely is a weird situation when a player you like leaves the team you swear your allegiances to. When they do well it’s like “yay, he’s doing well”, but then there’s the feeling of “ugh, we could still have that going for us”. It’s even worse when that player happens to go to your rival. For example, what must the CJ Wilson-Texas Rangers feel next season? I didn’t think anyone actually read the tags, so thanks for noticing. Although I don’t know if that is the proper name, because some people have “del rio” before “de Porciuncula”.

    Gracias por dar las condolencias ahora una segunda vez. Vi tu commnetario en tu entrada pero deicidi no responder porque tenia muchisimas cosas que hacer en ese momento y nunca me acorde de escribir lo. Pero si, hablo/escribo Espanol aun que no lo escribi por siete anos antes de commentar en los blogs Espanoles este ano. Yo naci en Colombia, pero soy adoptado a una familia completamente de los estados unidos.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment.

  2. crzblue

    I am rooting for Kuroda-san, Padilla & Broxton to do well but if they do, it will also hurt that they are not doing it for the Dodgers. Broxton is the long shot here but I so want him to do well. He is a home grown product that I followed since the minor league. Anyway, love that you use the full name of Los Angeles in your tags. Not too many people know it.
    Mis mas sinceras condolences por la perdida de tu papa. No sabia que hablas Espanol. La razon porque el dia de el Padre is 3/19 en algunas paices es que es dia de St Joseph. -Emma

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