Reaction to Tim Lincecum news

So I have a gap here that I have to bridge. I’m not quite in “ballhawking mode” just yet (my first game will probably in Baltimore on April 7th), so I’ll just write more miscellaneous entries until this weekend. That can range anywhere from writing entries about games that I have attended before I made this blog to just adding my opinion to MLB news.


In today’s entry I’ll do the latter. Obviously the biggest news today is that Tim Lincecum is to undergo Tommy John Surgery. If you haven’t heard the news, Lincecum injured his arm during his between-starts bullpen session yesterday. Reportedly he felt no discomfort in his March 27th start:


Anyway, I’m shocked and disappointed by this. If you’ve read this blog semi-frequently you know that Tim Lincecum is my favorite player in MLB right now. Part of the reason is that I always held the belief that he had a fantastically efficient delivery that would actually prevent him from getting arm injuries more so than the more conventional deliveries of pitchers now adays. So first I guess is the disappointment that what I believed to be true when it comes to pitching has seen its foundation rocked and all those people that diagramed how bad Lincecum’s delivery is/was were right:

I mean that’s pretty much it. All I can say is that Chien-Ming Wang, Joe Nathan, and Julio Teheran better stay healthy this year. Oh, and I just covered the basic facts, but if you want to read the whole article on what happened to “Timmy”, here is the link.



  1. nybisons

    I thought it was real when I read it last night. I than told everybody in my Fantasy League that he got hurt today in school…. The kid who picked him freaked out. Austin (Another blogger on nybisons, offered asked if I wanted a trade because he just read the first couple lines. That’s what I did. Then I clicked on the link today and I feel like a dummy. Maybe te kids still believe me. I could probably get him for a easy player now!
    -Quinn from nybisons

    • Mateo Fischer

      Quinn- First, I’m sorry for the situation that I created, but I just have to let out a Bwhahaha (yes, with a B), because when I posted the entry i thought to myself, “No one is going to buy it. They’ll realize right away that it’s April Fools Day and be like ‘Nice try, Mateo’, and I’ve probably just wasted my time on this entry”, but your comment along with Matt’s makes me happy to know that I didn’t waste my time on the entry. The only thing that I’m still nervous about is that the entry has been viewed 40 some odd times, but the link has been clicked less than 10 times, so there are probably a bunch of other people that may believe this to be a legitimate news item.

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