Ballhawk Charities 2012

The past two offseasons I’ve thought about doing a ball-snagging related charity effort, but I didn’t want to possibly take away from the funds source of the others raising money for my charity. So, I created this monstrosity:

It was my little consolation for not creating a charity, since it does not require monetary effort, but considering my readers have only offset 20 pounds of Carbon Monoxide (which is a lot for how little it weighs, but is nothing compared to how much is in the atmosphere), I’ll take that down unless anyone has any objections and plug these ballhawks’ charities instead.

So who are these ballhawks and what are they’re charitites? Here they are:

Ballhawk Shawn:

Charity-Pitch In For Baseball.

Method of Payment- Pledge Per Ball.

Baseballs in 2011- 293

Let me take an excerpt from his blog entry about his charity work this year:

But what does Pitch In for Baseball do?

Direct from their website:

We ship new and gently used equipment to children all over the world, as well as here in the U.S. Anyone is eligible, so long as your community has a genuine need for youth baseball and softball equipment and the kids want to have fun. We normally work with leagues and programs in the community that have the ability to distribute the equipment and have a demonstrated track record of working with kids.

Speaking of his blog entry, ther is no way I could encapsulate what any of these people are doing with their charity better than they can, so here is a screen shot of (the top of) the entry:

, and here is a link to the entry so you can check it out for yourself (or selves if you want to refer anyone you know).

Wayne Peck:

Charity- Seattle Humane Society “Snagging Baseballs for Puppies”.

Method of Payment- Pledge Per Ball and Charity Auction.

Baseballs in 2011- 136

The humane society is pretty self-explanatory, but if you don’t know what they do; they work on the prevention of animal abuse and providing support for abused animals in general.

Here is a screen shot of his charity page since he hasn’t written an entry on it since the World Series:

So if you would like to read that entry, here is the link.

Zack Hample:

Charity- Pitch In For Baseball.

Method of Payment- Pledge Per Ball with automatic entry into a raffle with donation based on amount donated.

Balls in 2011- 1,157. I think I just made myself dizzy writing that number. Anyway, this will most likely not be anywhere near the number it will be in 2011, so don’t worry about going bankrupt.

See Shawn’s description of Pitch In For Baseball’s mission, as Zack is fund raising fro the same charity.

Here is a screen shot of Zack’s entry on his charity work:

and here is the link to said entry for you to read about the donation process.

Zac Weiss:

Charity-The Children’s Institute

Method of Payment- Pledge Per Ball, One-time Contribution, or you can bid on items and the money that you pay for it goes to the Children’s Institute.

Balls in 2011-137

The Children’s Institute is an organization that helps children that are behind others of their age in certain skillssuch as learning, motor, etc.

Here is a screen shot of Zac’s entry on the charity:

and although the entire entry is contained within the screen shot, here is the link, because the entry has links to some of his other pages where he manages the charity from. A general note on any of the screen shots: If When have trouble reading them, click on the picture and you can zoom in to read it just fine, or, better yet, click on the link provided below all of them and read the whole entry as it is meant to be read.

Naturally I encourage anyone reading this to donate to at least one of their charities (why else would I be writing it?), I will personally be donating to all of them as my contribution to charity. Also, if you are interested anyone of these charities, or really like the cause, but don’t think you can donate to them, spread the word. The only thing that can come from doing so is good.


Hello, observers of baseball. Let me know what you though of the entry no matter what you thought of it. Additonally, let me know if you'd like to see me do anything in specific or what I'm doing right or wrong when I do write entries.

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