Dissecting/ Deconstructing Baseballs

A long video, but I wanted to be complete with this video rather than rush it and get it out on time. Enjoy my incompetence:

Keep on voting for the entries you’d like to see. If you’ll notice, I’ve taken the parts of the poll down that have already been written about, but I’ll include at the end how many votes they had when I took them off:

1. Ballhawk Interviews- 33 votes

2. Stadium Profiles- 26 votes

3. Ballhawk Profiles- 33 votes

4. Dissect (a) Baseball(s)- 26 votes

If you have no idea what ay of these ideas mean, here’s the link to the entry where I explained them.
Also, the newest “Latest Leaders” entry came out on the MLBlogs’ Central blog and here I am:

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 3.43.07 PM

Yeah, I’ve visited a lot of MLBlogs (all of the ones in gray). But more importantly, thank you to all of you guys for reading. Really, thank you. If you want to check out the full entry with links to the other blogs and all that good stuff, here’s the link to it.

Another thing is I was thinking of making a blooper video for this particular video, so you can vote for that here. I got a request from my camera man and guest star to do so, but I want to know if that’s something you’d actually be interested in:


    • Mateo Fischer

      Zack- Yeah, I was with my high school’s baseball team at that point, and I didn’t really do much during the practices, so whenever I saw a ball with the cover coming off it, I just started prying at the cover of the ball and unraveling it all practice.

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    • Mateo Fischer

      Alicia- Thank you. Let me officially welcome you to the comments section (not that you haven’t been absolutely cleaning-up in the “like” department). I’m glad you’re excited because I am too. I mean I don’t know exactly how some of them are going to turn out, but I guess that’s part of the excitement that comes along with them. They’re completely theoretical as of now and I can make them as good as want them to be.

      • Alicia Barnhart

        I am a total insomniac so thank you for the reading material! Yeah it’s totally part of the fun, you never know what readers will enjoy! And I will try to leave more comments, I tend to get distracted and keep clicking on people and posts 🙂

        • Mateo Fischer

          Alicia- I’d rather it not be since it means I’m constantly late on entries, but yeah, this is insomniac central. It definitely a challenge to know what people want to read. I think you are actually one of the better blogs out there in this regard, because, I mean, who doesn’t like saving money. As for the commenting, no worries. For as many comments as I leave there are dozens of entries that I read without commenting on.

Hello, observers of baseball. Let me know what you though of the entry no matter what you thought of it. Additonally, let me know if you'd like to see me do anything in specific or what I'm doing right or wrong when I do write entries.

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