MLBlogs I Recommend: Collection of Baseball & A View From the Bullpen

Welcome to the first installment of the “MLBlogs I recommend” entry series. Because it is the first of its kind, I’m just going to take a paragraph or two to explain what this type of entry is and how it came about.

I follow a bunch of blogs on the MLBlogs network. As of the beginning of this entry, the exact number was 30. While I won’t lie and say I read every single entry from all of those blogs that I follow, I’d say I read over 80% of the entries these blogs produce and I try to comment every so often just to let the writer know that I am in fact reading. Anyway, with all of this involvement in the MLBlogs community (I’d like to think I’m in the upper half of MLBloggers in terms of involvement. I can go on semi-sabbaticals of a couple weeks, but I try to make up for it by being overly involved other times–like now.) I realized that I don’t really promote any of the content from any of these bloggers I consume and enjoy. Thus, the series “MLBlogs I Recommend” was born. I’ll usually only do one blog per entry, but I’ll explain why this is different a little later. What I’ll do in each is basically just describe what the blogs write about and why you should read them (if they’re your thing).

In this inaugural entry, I go over the two blogs of e-friend and fellow ballhawk, Wayne Peck. He writes two blogs: Collection of Baseball and A View From the Bullpen. I’ll first go over the former and then I’ll go into the latter. If you’ve read this blog long enough, you may recognize Wayne because I wrote about him and the other ballhawks doing charity work at the beginning of the season to try to help get their message and cause “out there”. Maybe this picture will help jog your memory:

Wayne Photo

Anyway, onto the first blog we go.

Collection of Baseball

Collection of Baseball

Wayne started this blog close to 2.5 years ago in April of 2010. It is pretty much your standard ballhawk blog during the summer months. This can be seen as a negative, but ballhawk entries aren’t really meant to be different stylistically. What makes ballhawk entries different from one another is that they’re of different people. Each one takes you on a journey with a different person and tells a different story with a different writing style. However, I will say that Wayne probably puts more emphasis on his charity work than any other ballhawk blog out there. And it’s not in a “Ooh, ooh. Look at me being such a good person for doing stuff for charity” sort of way; it’s because he cares an extraordinary amount for his cause. His charity push is called Snagging Baseballs for Puppies. More specifically, the money people donate as a result of his baseball snagging goes towards helping the Seattle Humane Society . Like all ballhawks, he throws in some more random things during the winter to pass time, but for the most part entries deal with ballhawk schtuff and whatnot. So, you should read this blog if you want to read the ballhawking adventures a nice, Seattle-based, army veteran. Did I mention he’s a veteran? Oh well, I did now. “But Wayne’s a baseball fan, right? He must have some opinion on the daily on-goings of baseball such as trades, free agent signings, and things of that nature. Well, what place better to put all of that stuff than a baseball blog. Why doesn’t he write about that stuff there?” Well, I’m glad you asked (even though you probably didn’t), because that brings us to blog #2.

A View From the Bullpen-

A View From the Bullpen

This was a blog Wayne started in August of 2011. The basic idea of it was it was a place where he could write about just baseball. Collection of  Baseball was for writing about going to games and ballhawking but this was for writing about his opinion about baseball’s happenings. A.K.A the “typical” baseball blogger. As in, whenever a common person thinks about a baseball blogger, they don’t think about a ballhawk; they think about the amateur (the technical meaning of it, no the derogatory meaning) sitting at home and typing up their opinions about what x manager or general manager should do or why trade x was good or bad. Oh, and if you’re wondering, I’m almost certain that the blog’s title comes from the fact that Wayne’s usual spot at Safeco Field is the “Pen” area in right field, so it’s his way of saying that the blog is just his view of this game that we all love and enjoy.

I think I’ve given you enough links to be able to navigate your way to both of these blogs. I hope you enjoy. And if you like what you see of Wayne and his two blogs, why don’t you go ahead and give him a follow on Twitter?

And while you’re at it, you might as well give his Facebook page a “like” as well, right? (Yes, I am giving you all of these links in the text that I am writing. I know with some computers there are just links everywhere, but I actually inserted links to his various sites in the places that look like they have hyperlinks.)

Oh, and if you haven’t voted for the entries you would like to see me write about in these coming baseball-less months, here’s the poll to go ahead and do that. After the poll I will list all of he expired entry ideas, along with how many votes they had when I finally did write about them and took them off of the poll. After that, I will include an easier-to-understand ranking of the remaining poll options:

1. Ballhawk Interviews- 33 votes

2. Stadium Profiles- 26 votes

3. Ballhawk Profiles- 33 votes

4. Dissect (a) Baseball(s)- 26 votes

5. Tour Target Field when there’s snow on the ground- 26 votes

6. Weird Observing Baseball Facts and Records- 28 votes

7. New Observing Baseball Icon- 17 votes

8. MLBlogs I Recommend- 33 votes

And the current rankings as of me typing this:

T1. Observing Baseball Trivia and Ballhawking Gear- 31 votes

3. Ten Minutes With Two GMs (except on the poll I didn’t write any of the numbers out because I felt lazy that day)- 29 votes

4. Characters of Observing Baseball- 28 votes

T5. My Favorite MLB Players and Salute to Up-and-Coming Blogs- 27 votes

7. Ask a Statistician- 26 votes

T8. Instructional Videos and Complimentary Tickets!- 24 votes

T10. My Favorite MLB Teams and Gate Opening Times of MLB Stadiums- 22 votes

T12. Blast From The Baseball Past, Battle of the Retreival Devices, and Reference Guide to Ballhawk Terms- 20 votes

15. Evaluate and Critique Ballhawk Stats- 18 votes

16. Look at MLBlog Themes- 16 votes

17. Format of the Entries- 13 votes

18. Informal Tour of AT&T Park- 3 votes

19. WordPress Stats and Things- 2 votes

If you have no clue what any of these ideas for entries mean, I explained most of them in this entry I am linking to right now.

Only you can prevent forest fires.

Sorry…wrong end-sentence. Here’s the right one:

229,707 Word Written so far…


    • Mateo Fischer

      Alicia- Well, to be fair, he made the majority of his noise around the MLBlogs community just as you were starting out when he went to Japan for MLB’s Opening Series there. He then took a hiatus from blogging starting in May because he was working two jobs and was too busy to go to games and blog.

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