Complimentary Tickets!

Some of you may remember that I went to the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Yes? No? Here are the links to my entries from Day 1 and Day 2, respectively. You may notice or remember that I took a ton of pictures with my “professional” camera. It turned out that the organizers of the conference found out about the pictures through my entries and ended up using a bunch of them. Most notably (as far as I can tell) for thumbnails for the videos of the different panels.

As a result of me giving them all the pictures I had, the chair of last year’s conference decided to give me a free ticket to this year’s conference. I even got my own specialty promo code (which is awesome):

Promo Code

Even though my business cards won’t get to me in time for the conference, it will be a great to experience all that is the conference once again.

I do have another near-tragic moment this week. This day in fact. You may remember that my good camera had water damage from my tour of Target Field in the snow (a bittersweet idea selection in retrospect). I thought it wouldn’t be repaired in time, but it turns out the camera will be ready in time for the conference. So it will be a lot less awkward than me showing up without a camera given that the complimentary tickets were given on account of me taking pictures last year and taking pictures for this year’s conference as well.

If you want to go ahead and read the two entries from last year, go ahead. That will be more or less what I write this year. I’ll try my hardest to get them out the day after the day that the event took place, but I will be going to the conference itself, so it  may not be that feasible for this to happen considering how long I would have to make the entries as long as I would like. With events like this I keep an especially large emphasis on the quality of the entry, even if that means getting it out a little later than I would like. With baseball games I go to a ton of them, so I can’t really take a week to get each entry out because I would never catch up. I also don’t know how closely I will be working with the event organizers in terms of my pictures or whether that will require me to spend any extra time at the conference itself as opposed to writing/organizing my entries after the conference’s events end.

Anyway, I leave for Boston Thursday morning (which should be fun in terms of homework since I’m going to be missing two days of class: yet another reason I’m not sure I can get entries out the day after the days which I am writing about.) and get there I believe around 7:00 EST. The conference’s Opening Remarks begin at 8:30 AM on Friday and the conferences closing ceremonies, ending with the Alpha Awards, end at 6:00 PM on Saturday. I then head back to St. Paul on Sunday at 10:15, landing at 3:00. If for whatever reason you’re there, come say hi, but look forward to some entries about the conference and possibly videos.



  1. Mike

    Mateo, we’re going to attempt the ball drop on zack, this time from 1000′, on July 13. I think it would be cool if you were there.

    Mike Davison

    • Mateo Fischer

      Mike- Hi. Yeah, Zack forwarded me the e-mail. I replied to him with some “circumstances” that may possibly get in the way, but it should be no big deal. I would love to attend it.

  2. Anonymous

    Congratulations, Mateo, on getting a complimentary pass for your pictures last year. Looking forward to seeing the entries of this year’s conference and reading about the people you meet and talks you see. Good luck!

  3. Minor League Ballhawk

    Nice! That is awesome that you got free tickets this year! Last years posts on these conferences were my first couple posts that I read from your blog. I’m glad you will be attending this years conference. Can’t wait to read.

    • Mateo Fischer

      Quinn- Thanks. It is awesome. I mean there’s still the flight and hotel expenses, but it was a nice thought for them, and I would have paid for those anyway coming here.

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