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Observing Baseball Trivia

Since I can’t write “Ballhawking Gear” until I get back to Minnesota in three weeks, here is your next-most-voted-for entry: Observing Baseball Trivia. Here’s how it will go:

  • 100 Questions total
  • 10 on Historical Baseball Stuff, 10 on Contemporary Baseball Stuff, 30 on Ballpark Trivia, 10 on Ballhawk Stats, 10 on Name That Ballpark, 10 Trivia about the content of the blog itself, and 20 on Moments in Observing Baseball History.
  • Each question will be multiple choice.
  • You don’t need to write out the question, but please include the number to the question in your answer.
  • Each person only gets to take one guess for each question. If a person takes a guess at a question that is wrong, they can no longer answer that question. They will, however, be allowed a guess at any subsequent questions.
  • I will try to post a question on every hour or half-hour that I am up between today and Monday.
  • The contest will be taking place not just here on the blog, but also on my Twitter account, the Observing Baseball Facebook page, and on the newly-made Instagram account (because EVERYone said I should make one. Well, not everyone, but family, people on Twitter, and people in the comments of this blog). Twenty-five of the hundred questions will appear on each medium. I won’t announce which questions will be on which, but every set of four questions will have one question on each medium. In other words, you will always be able to predict on which account the fourth, eight, and so on questions will be one, but you won’t be able to predict the three questions preceding
  • The questions won’t close until someone answers question #100.
  • The people credited with answering the question will be decided by *my* time stamp. I’ll try update the standings below as I get the results.
  • Only one person can get credit for answering the question correctly. The person to get it is the first person to answer it correctly.
  • I’ll post questions from other places on here after they’re answered.
  • Correct answers will be bolded.
  • To be accredited with the right answer one needs to answer on wherever the question is… unless you let me know before the question is posted that you don’t have an account on any of the sites listed above. In that case I’ll allow you to answer by commenting on this entry. So, to be clear, if I post the question on the blog, comment the answer; if I post the question on Twitter, reply to the tweet (or one tweet in the series of tweets containing the tweets, since I probably can’t fit a whole multiple-choice question in 140 characters) with the answer; if the question is on Facebook, comment on the post where I ask the question with the answer; and if the question is on Instagram, comment on the picture I ask the question in.
  • The winner of this contest will get their choice of *one* of these four prizes. And for every ten people who submit an answer throughout this contest, I’ll add on an extra winner (i.e. If more than ten people submit an answer, I’ll give away two prizes. If more than twenty people do, I’ll give away three prizes etc. If more than forty people submit an answer–which I *highly* doubt–I’ll pick some more prizes for them to possibly pick from.) Anyway, here are the prizes:

1. Rollie Fingers-signed baseball:

Rollie Fingers autographed baseball

2. Yankees 2009 Commemorative World Series DVD (unopened):

Yankees 2009 Wordl Series DVD

3. Mr. Met Bobblehead:

Mr. Met Bobblehead

4. Radar Gun:

Radar Gun


1. Nick Badders- 29. Received: Radar Gun.

2. Paul Kom- 24. Received–by winning the tie-breaker 3-2-1: Rollie Finger autographed baseball.

3. Quinn Imiola- 24. Received: Mr. Met bobblehead.

4. Kimberly Imiola- 8

5. Jared Serre- 3

6. Sean Bigness- 3

7. Joey Orr- 2

8. Danny Chojnacki- 2

9. Brendan Weingarten- 2

10. Pascale Badders- 2

11. Tony Voda- 1

12. Matt Huddleston- 1

And here is the first question:

1. Who received the highest percentage of votes in the Baseball HOF’s inagural class? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

a. Walter Johnson

b. Ty Cobb

c. Babe Ruth

d. Honus Wagner

2. (on Facebook) What year was Fenway Park’s construction finalized? ANSWERED (by Bredan Weingarten)
A. 1912
B. 1924
C. 1909
D. 1918

3. (on Instagram) What is the date of the longest time I’ve spent “at the ballpark”? ANSWERED (by Matt Huddleston)

A. 8/24/12

B. 7/4/11

C. 10/2/10

D. 7/17/12

4. (on Twitter) Who is the only ballhawk in mygameballs.com history to have four consecutive 400+ ball seasons? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Nick Pelescak

B. Zack Hample

C. Garrett Meyer

D. Erik Jabs

5. (on Facebook) Name That Ballpark! ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)


A. Rogers Centre

B. Tropicana Field

C. Tokyo Dome

D. Metrodome

6. (on Twitter) Which pitcher lead the league in 2012 in K/9? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Max Scherzer

B. Justin Verlander

C. Lance Lynn

D. Zack Grienke

7. At Target Field, Harmon Killebrew’s longest home run ever (at Metropolitan Stadium) is the spot of______? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. A Mini Donut Stand

B. A Gold Glove

C. A Plaque Commemorating the Home Run

D. His Statue

8. (on Instagram) The Brewers mascot, Bernie the Brewer, slides down the slide in left field every time… ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. A Brewer hits a home run

B. The Brewers score a run

C. An opposing batter strikes out

D. All of the above

9. What is the single-season record for Balls Per Game on mygameballs.com? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. 8.83

B. 8.65

C. 9.33

D. 9.5

10. Who tossed me my 100th baseball? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Chris Perez

B. Rick Ankiel

C. Jeremy Hellickson

D. Jaime Garcia

11. (on Twitter) Which stat comes at the end of the “stats” portion of each ballhawking entry? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Streaks

B. Competition Factor

C. Time Sent On Game

D. Balls Per Game

12. (on Facebook) What was the original name of the New York Yankees franchise? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Washington Yankees

B. New York Knickerbockers

C. New York Highlanders

D. Baltimore Orioles

13. (on Facebook) In 2007, the Arizona Diamondbacks dumped which color scheme in favor of sedona red and black? ANSWERED (by Brendan Weingarten)

A. Normal red and white

B. Purple and turqouise

C. Gray and black

D. Gray and teal

14. (on Instagram) Name That Ballpark ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)


A. New Yankee Stadium

B. U.S. Cellular Field

C. Old Yankee Stadium

D. Citizens Bank Park

15. (on Twitter) Who hit the first foul ball I snagged that I wrote about on this blog? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. Angel Pagan

B. Luis Hernandez

C. Nate McLouth

D. Justin Morneau

16. Marlins Park was built on the site of which former building? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Miami-Dade County Courthouse

B. Miami Hurricane’s Mark Light Field (baseball stadium)

C. Pro Player Stadium

D. Old Orange Bowl Site

17. (on Twitter) My first Observing Baseball-documented snags came as a result of a loan from which ballhawk? ANSWERED (by Danny Chojnacki)

A. Zack Hample

B. Ben Weil

C. Greg Barasch

D. Avi Miller

18. (on Instagram) Before Marlins Park, what was the only ballpark with a pool? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. Tropicana Field

B. Chase Field

C. Minute Maid Park

D. Safeco Field

19. Which of the following are true concerning my 200th career ball? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. It was a ball hit in the second deck of Nationals Park

B. I out-ran an usher for it

C. I gave the ball away

D. All of the above

20. Which of these is not a feature of the Rogers Centre? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. Its outfield measurements are in meters

B. It only has three levels of seating

C. It is next door to the CN Tower.

D. There are hotel rooms in the outfield

21. (on Instagram) Which of the following *is* a seating section at Busch Stadium? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. Right Field Porch

B. Outfield Redbird Club

C. Diamond Club

D. Bank of America Club

22. What was the original name of the Atlanta Braves organization? ANSWERED (by Kimberly Imiola)

A. Boston Red Stockings

B. Boston Braves

C. Milwaukee Braves

D. Milwaukee Brewmasters

23. I snagged my first Observing Baseball-documented commemorative baseball at which stadium? ANSWERED (by Kimberly Imiola)

A. Nationals Park

B. Citi Field

C. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

D. New Yankee Stadium

24. (on Twitter) Name That Ballpark! ANSWERED (by Jared Serre)


A. Nationals Park

B. Citi Field

C. Target Field

D. New Yankee Stadium

25. (on Facebook) PNC Park leads the next-highest ballpark on mygameballs.com by how many baseballs?ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. 1,367

B. 730

C. 579

D. 1,504

26. This Ballpark has a see-through fence in one of its outfield walls so that people can see the field from outside the stadium. ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

B. AT&T Park

C. Minute Maid Park

D. Chase Field

27. (on Instagram) What month and year did I upload my first–admittedly awful–video for Observing Baseball? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. December 2011

B. March 2012

C. October 2011

D. January 2012

28. (on Twitter) Which gate at Citizens Bank Park opens earlier than all of the rest? ANSWERED (by Tony Voda)

A. Third Base Gate

B. Center Field Gate

C. Home Plate Gate

D. Right Field Gate

29. (on Facebook) Which of the following is *not* in the top-5 active pitchers in terms of WAR? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)
A. Mariano Rivera

B. Roy Halladay

C. Justin Verlander

D. C.C. Sabathia

30. What was the date of my first ever Observing Baseball-documented minor league game? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. 3/29/12

B. 9/13/11

C. 4/29/12

D. 4/11/12

31. (on Twitter) Which of the following ballparks moved in its fences for the 2013 season? ANSWERED (by Jared Serre)

A. Citi Field

B. O. Co Coliseum

C. Petco Park

D. U.S. Cellular Field

32. (on Instagram) Which of the following does not have the majority of its seats green? ANSWERED (by Kimberly Imiola)

A. Target Field

B. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

C. Citi Field

D. Marlins Park

33. (on Instagram) Which of the following is in the top-5 active leaders in terms of OBP? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. Adam Dunn

B. Joey Votto

C. Kevin Youkillis

D. Joe Mauer

34. (on Facebook) Who hit the walk-off hit in the game I caught Trevor Plouffe’s game-tying home run? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Denard Span

B. Josh Willingham

C. Ben Revere

D. Justin Morneau

D. Justin Morneau

35. What year did Roger Maris break Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. 1961

B. 1958

C. 1949

D. 1965

36. (on Twitter) What date did I first encounter the “Tomahawk Chop”? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. 7/6/11

B. 4/14/11

C. 7/4/11

D. 8/15/11

37. (on Facebook) Who leads mygameballs.com in Balls Per Game? (minimum 10 Games) ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Jaycob Porter

B. Donny Haltom

C. Zack Hample

D. Joe Faraguna

38. (on Twitter) Which of the following ballparks doesn’t have a standing room-only section in the field level of the outfield? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. AT&T Park

B. Progressive Field

C. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

D. Fenway Park

39. I caught what sequence of baseballs in my three games in Miami in 2011? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. 8, 7, 2

B. 5, 5, 5

C. 7, 6, 2

D. 7, 3, 6

40. (on Instagram) Name That Ballpark! ANSWERED (by Kimberly Imiola)


A. Target Field

B. Sun Life Stadium

C. Citi Field

D. Nationals Park

41. (on Facebook) Senator George Mitchell is a part of which baseball organization? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola and Paul Kom)

A. New York Yankees

B. Los Angeles Dodgers

C. Milwaukee Brewers

D. Boston Red Sox

42. (on Instagram) Name That Ballpark! ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)
62411 ball #2 path

A. AT&T Park

B. PNC Park

C. Citi Field

D. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

43. (on Twitter) Who was the first president to throw out a ceremonial first pitch? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. Woodrow Wilson

B. Herbert Hoover

C. William Howard Taft

D. Calvin Coolidge

44. How many sports has Wrigley Field played host to? ANSWERED (by Joey Orr)
A. 2
B. 4
C. 3
D. 5

45. (on Facebook) What percentage of balls have I given away since I started Observing Baseball? ANSWERED (by Joey Orr)

A. 34%

B. 21%

C. 29%

D. 26%

46. (on Twitter) How many ballparks have I been to? (MLB) ANSWERED (by Kimberly Imiola)

A. 10

B. 15

C. 16

D. 18

47. (on Instagram) In which ballpark can you find this? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. AT&T Park

B. Turner Field

C. Miller Park

D. Coors Field

48. What was the date of my first double-digit game? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. 7/29/11

B. 8/12/11

C. 7/23/11

D. 6/24/11

49. Which of the following is not true about my 300th ball snag? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. I caught it on the fly

B. It was hit by a Yankee

C. It was on Derek Jeter’s birthday

D. I ran into a tunnel to get it.

50. (on Facebook) Which of the following doesn’t have a double-decker bullpen? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Target Field

B. Citizens Bank Park

C. Citi Field

D. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

51. (on Instagram) Name That Ballpark! ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)
6712 People in tunnel

A. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

B. New Yankee Stadium

C. Citi Field

D. Sun LIfe Stadium

52. (on Twitter) What is oldest ballpark in the AL Central? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. Progressive Field

B. U.S. Cellular

C. Comerica Park

D. Kauffman Stadium

53. (on Twitter) What was the date when I tied for most baseballs snagged in the inaugural Ballhawkfest? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. 7/7/11

B. 6/9/11

C. 7/13/11

D. 7/23/11

54. (on Instagram) Which Ballpark was top in the league in 2012 in terms of HR Park Factor? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

B. U.S. Cellular Field

C. Coors Field

D. Miller Park

55. (on Facebook) Which is the third oldest ballpark in the AL East? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. New Yankee Stadium

B. Tropicana Field

C. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

D. Rogers Centre

56. On what date did I snag my first career home run? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. 9/13/11

B. 9/12/11

C. 9/13/12

D. 9/14/12

57. (on Twitter) Who is the Yankees’ career RBI leader?ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Lou Gehrig

B. Babe Ruth

C. Mickey Mantle

D. Joe DiMaggio

58. (on Instagram) During which game did I get this ball signed? ANSWERED (by Kimberly Imiola)
Instagram Picture

A. 8/5/12

B. 9/15/11

C. 7/7/12

D. 6/24/12

59. (on Facebook) Who holds the record on mygameballs.com for most home run snags in a season? ANSWERED (by Kimberly Imiola)

A. John Witt

B. Rick Gold

C. Tim Anderson

D. Shawn Bosman

60. Who is the active leader in WAR? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. Albert Pujols

B. Chipper Jones

C. Manny Ramirez

D. Alex Rodriguez

61. (on Twitter) Where can you find a “Cuban Sandwhich”? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. Marlins Park

B. Tropicana Field

C. Citi Field

D. Petco Park

62. (on Facebook) How many home stadiums and cities have the Oakland A’s had? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. 4, 4

B. 3, 3

C. 4, 3

D. 5, 3

63. Which current MLB stadium has the highest Seating Capacity? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Dodgers Stadium

B. New Yankee Stadium

C. Coors Field

D. Rogers Centre

64. (on Instagram) Name That Ballpark! ANSWERED (by Jared Serre and Quinn Imiola)

81311 cross aisle

A. Turner Field

B. Metrodome

C. Tropicana Field

D.  Miller Park

65. (on Twitter) How many *numbers* have the Yankees retired? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. 14

B. 16

C. 17

D. 20

66. When was the first time I was let into the stadium over a half-hour after I should have? ANSWERED (by Danny Chojnacki)

A. 8/24/11

B. 5/18/11

C. 8/13/11

D. 8/23/11

67. (on Facebook) What’s the newest MLB stadium? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. Target Field

B. Citi Field

C. Marlins Park

D. New Yankee Stadium

68. (on Instagram) What game did I snag this baseball? ANSWERED (by Sean Bigness)

ball 104

A. 7/2/11

B. 6/24/11

C. 7/4/11

D. 7/5/11

69. What were the dates of my first consecutive games with one game ball? ANSWERED (by Kimberly Imiola)

A. 7/5/11, 7/6/11

B. 7/31/11, 8/1/11

C. 8/13/12, 8/14/12

D. 7/22/12, 7/23/12

70. (on Instagram) What stadium is this from? ANSWERED (by Sean Bigness)

A. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

B. Nationals Park

C. Citi Field

D. Target Field


We will do the normal question every 30 minutes until we reach total question. After that, we will take a break and I will post the remaining 25 question on the blog in a free-for-all comment war. I will only post this group of 25 questions on an hour (so 1:00, 2:00, etc.) it will not be on any random time like 3:49 and won’t be on the half-hour either. It will most likely go up tonight, but if I can’t finish the list by 12:00 AM EST, the list will wait until Monday   (tomorrow) and go up between 6:00 PM and 12:00 AM EST, again, on the hour. I’d say we’ll resume the “regular” 30 minute trivia at around 6:00 EST today. If it doesn’t resume by then keep checking back every half hour on either Facebook or Twitter, since those are the only two remaining possible mediums for questions 71 and 72.

71. (on Twitter) Which book did I review in March of 2011? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. Watching Baseball Smarter

B. The Baseball

C. Moneyball

D. The Extra 2%

72. (on Facebook) What year did the Giants and Dodgers come to the west coast? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. 1951

B. 1949

C. 1955

D. 1957

73. (on Instagram) Which player has hit the most home runs in this stadium? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

Old Yankee Stadium

A. Alex Rodriguez

B. Babe Ruth

C. Curtis Granderson

D. Mickey Mantle

74. Name That Ballpark! ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

7512 Rick ball

A. Nationals Park

B. Turner Field

C. AT& T Park

D. Miller Park

75. (on Twitter) Where can you find “The Beach”? ANSWERED (by Sean Bigness)

A. Dodgers Stadium

B. Marlins Park

C. Petco Park

D. AT&T Park

76. Where might one find “Greene’s Hill”? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

B. Busch Stadium

C. Kauffman Stadium

D. Angels Stadium

77. In getting the hitter’s Triple Crown, Miguel Cabrera was the first player since whom to do so? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Stan Musial

B. Carl Yastremski

C. Don Mattingly

D. Hank Aaron

78. Which notable ballhawk has been my next-door neighbor for 18 years? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. Zack Hample

B. Ben Weil

C. Greg Barasch

D. Rick Gold

79. Which player was responsible for my first ever batting practice baseball? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. Prince Fielder

B. Barry Bonds

C. Andy Pettitte

D. Ryan Howard

80. Which ballhawk has the lowest Ball Per Game average on mygameballs.com? (Min 100 Games) ANSWERED (by Pascale Badders)

A. Leigh Barratt

B. Tony Bracco

C. Rick Gold

D. Don Chilcote

81. The renovations to Kauffman Stadium were completed by commencement of what season? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. 2005

B. 2009

C. 2007

D. 2008

82. In this entry I wrote about the process Ruben Amaro Jr. undertook to get three aces on the Phillies rotation. What was the name of the entry? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Good boy, Roy

B. A Plethora of Pitchers

C. Pure Genius

D. The Phantastic Phillies

83. Who lead the National League in Strikeouts in 2012? ANSWERED (by Pascale Badders)

A. Clayton Kershaw

B. Gio Gonzalez

C. R.A. Dickey

D. Adam Dunn

84. Which of the following ball totals would get one number 10 on the mygameballs.com career totals? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. 1,252

B. 1,138

C. 967

D. 1,504

85. What detail was first overlooked in the renovations of Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum by the Oakland Raiders? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Installation of bullpens

B. A room for grounds crew materials

C. Foldable seats to stow away for baseball games

D. Shatter-proof glass in outfield boxes.

86. The usher who lets me into his section at Nationals Park works in which part of the ballpark? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. Lower-level right Field

B. Lower-level left field

C. Behind the third base dugout

D. Foul ground left field

87. Which of the following franchises originated in Milwaukee? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Atlanta Braves

B. Baltimore Orioles

C. Oakland Athletics

D. Milwaukee Brewers

88. Name That Ballpark! ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

blank stadium

A. Riverfront Stadium

B. County Stadium

C. Crosley Field

D. Sportman’s Park

89. When did I ask Josh Thole to return an item to me and he did? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. 7/23/12

B. 7/30/11

C. 7/17/12

D. 8/26/11

90. What ballpark was supposed to host the 2000 All-Star game? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. Angels Stadium

B. Wrigley Field

C. Sun Life Stadium

D. Safeco Field

91. Which stadium used to be called Pac Bell Park? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. AT&T Park

B. Chase Field

C. Sun Life Stadium

D. Petco Park

92. Which of the following didn’t happen on 4/21/11? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Zack Hample caught Mike Nickeas’ home run

B. I got my copy of The Baseball signed

C. I got Nelson Figueroa to take a “self-shot” with my camera

D. I got reprimanded for trying to get too many “Pepsi Max” samples

93. Who lead Major League Baseball in WAR in 2012? ANSWERED (by Nick Badders)

A. Miguel Cabrera

B. Buster Posey

C. Mike Trout

D. Andrew McCutchen

94. What was the best Ball Per Game average in 2012? (Min 10 games) ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. 8.00

B. 8.65

C. 9.33

D. 7.00

95. Where would someone encounter the “Tomahawk Chop”? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. Progressive Field

B. Turner Field

C. PNC Park

D. Minute Maid Park

96. Who accompanied me on the night of my first home run snag? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. Sean Bigness

B. Chris Cositore

C. Jonathan Mueller

D. Alex Pistolesi

97. Who is the all-time leader in WAR? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom)

A. Denton Young

B. Babe Ruth

C. Barry Bonds

D. Walter Johnson

98.Name That Ballpark! ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)


A. Turner Field

B. Target Field

C. Citi Field

D. Nationals Park

99. When did I first come to Target Field? ANSWERED (by Paul Kom and Nick Badders)

A. 8/28/12

B. 8/09/11

C. 8/10/11

D. 9/8/12

100. Where is McCovey Cove a main attraction? ANSWERED (by Quinn Imiola)

A. AT&T Park

B. Fenway Park

C. PNC Park

D. Marlins Park


Not proofread.

238,481 Words Written so far…


Collected Baseball knick-knacks

Over the past year and a half, I have gone to a whole mess of baseball games. While my primary focuses at these games have been to collect baseballs and watch the games themselves, I have acquired a lot of items. This entry is to show exactly how much I have acquired throughout not just the past year and a half, but my 17 year old lifetime of going to baseball games. Before I get started on listing the things, I want to clarify that I didn’t get all of these things at the games, but rather, these were all things that I acquired because I go/went to games and am interested in baseball. Really, this is just miscellaneous baseball stuff that I have come into ownership of through one way shape or form.

Although I have come across many unique items, my baseball collection is the one that has brought me to most of the games I have gone to. Therefore,

it is worthy of the first (even though it is of lower quality than the other) picture.

Over my “career” going to games and catching baseballs, I have snagged 222. This photo does not show all of them, only the ones I have kept. The two are different because I have given away a substantial amount of the 222 to different kids and others at the games that I have gone to.

Next are the foul balls that I have gotten during the game itself:

(isn’t the quality a lot better on that picture?)

The balls are as follows:

1. A foul ball hit by Chuck Knoblauch when I was about five or six. I was sitting in the third deck of the Old Yankee Stadium.

2. A Luis Hernandez ball, there was an article written about it.

3. A Nate McLouth foul ball and my first caught on the fly. Here is a link to my blog entry on that game.

4. An Angel Pagan foul ball. Here is the link to the article written about it, and here is the link to my blog entry on that game.

To highlight a particularly interesting ball in my collection, here is a ball I suspect is from the 1950s or 60s. This is because it was found in my grandfather’s things and he lived close to San Francisco (which didn’t get an MLB team until then), and because I found out, through e-mailing a few credible people, that it was signed by commissioner Giles who had his name on the ball from 1951-1969.

Next are my baseballs that were not snagged at a baseball game, but bought or given to me as a gift to me. I would go through them and explain each one, but some are self-explanatory and most are not worth explaining.

I do have other baseballs that fit into this category, but they were more beat up balls that I have made their way into my collection from baseball teams I have been a part of throughout the years, and I didn’t want to make it seem like those were the majority of my non-MLB collection, because if you click on that picture and zoom in, there are some pretty cool baseballs. For example, the bottom one is a Babe Ruth ball i.e. if you flip it horizontally and then vertically, you will get a bio of Babe Ruth.

Next in my completely arbitrary order of importance are framed baseball things. Among those, the first picture is of the item that is pictured in my gravatar profile picture (that would be the picture that shows up next to me when I comment on another blog within the realm of WordPress):

The story behind this is that, my dad was looking for a Christmas present for me in 2010 and either found this picture or remembered of it. The original actually started with “I’m a hawk”, but my dad inserted the “ball” part to individualize it for me.

Next, I have a portrait of David Cone given to me by a friend who knew how much I loved baseball and knew I would take care of it.

But wait, there’s more! The backside is signed by a few people, two of which I can somewhat recognize:

Finally, the last framed item is a map of all major league stadiums that I got from my dad that same Christmas (Yes, he was very generous to me.).

If you can see, there are White pins placed in certain cities. This means that I have visited a stadium in that city. The Black boxes on either side of the map specify which stadium I have visited when it comes to that franchise that city and league i.e. I have visited both the Metrodome and Target Field and so both of those boxes should be Blacked- out (even if I still haven’t marked that I have visited Target Field). The Yellow flag shows the next stadium I plan to visit, the Green represents my favorite stadium, and the Blue my last stadium visited.

Next are the non-framed baseball things. What do I mean by this? For example, this Joe Mauer head would be a non-framed baseball thing.

I got this while at the Minnesota State Fair. I was in town to go to the Metrodome for three games before the Twins moved into Target Field and my dad and I decided to go because a) he was from Minnesota and b) the State Fair is the second largest in the country behind Texas (everything’s bigger in Texas). They have an unofficial theme of anything your heart desires being available on a stick. I don’t know if this is a play on that, but I got it at the Qwest stand as they were handing them out for free.

The next item, I guess, is this random Fenway Park sign.

I honestly have no idea how I got this. It was probably another scenario where a friend of my parents knew I was really into baseball and gave me this thing that they had. Other than that I can’t explain it. I was raised a Yankee fan and still don’t care that much for the Red Sox. I tried actually rooting for them for a season, but it just felt wrong. I no longer have the same love for the Yankees and I still respect the Red Sox (chicken murdering and all), but by no stretch of the imagination do I root for them to succeed. Nevertheless, this banner type thing does allow me to do a few photographic gags.

Next in the, seriously I’m making this up as I go along, order of items is my baseball card “collection”. I really only bought cards for half a season. Maybe it’s because I’m of the computer generation where a player’s stats can be found within three clicks, but they really didn’t do anything for me. So, the majority of my collection comes from people who were collectors in their younger years giving me their baseball cards.

I think the highest stack (upper left) is about  75 cards, and you can kind of tell how tall the other ones are in relation to that one. For the record, I DO have more cards, but they are somewhere in a box or underneath my bed and I have no desire to go looking for them as I have enough things to do. I would say my entire baseball card collection is in the 500 range.

Just to be clear, these are no longer non-framed baseball things. I am now just going in the random order that I took the pictures of the things in. The next item in said order is the Gatorade towel Josh Thole gave me at Nationals Park on 7/30/11.

It is actually a pretty good story as to how that happened. so click the link I provided for you on the 7/30/11 and scroll about 80% of the way down the page.

As a ballhawk, one of the tricks of the trade is to own a hat and shirt of both teams. Here is my collection of baseball related hats.

The next item is a result of my strategy. I actually don’t know how many other ballhawks do this, but I do it, probably as a result of my paranoia in always thinking that players will recognize me. Anyway, I bring a neutral hat and shirt to most games. Here are all of the neutral hats that I wore in 2011:

Finally, here are all my MLB shirts:

For whatever reason, all the pictures of the shirts came out blurry. I would take a few more shots, but it is REALLY annoying to take all of the shirts out of my drawers and align them for a few pictures before putting them all back.

And what is being a Yankee fan without having two mugs for the coffee I never drink?

The one on the left I think I got around the same age I got the Chuck Knoblauch foul ball. The one on the right, is a pretty recent headline and this is one of those where I have no recollection of how I got it.

Sticking with the cup theme, here is a cup I bought with my dad the first time I went to the baseball Hall of Fame (I have gone 3-4 times since and could probably go another 20 if it weren’t a 6 hour drive).

Note the indentation in the bottom of the glass.

Next is (partially)my collection of programs and pocket schedules. I write partially because I have about ten others, but can’t find them. I hope they’re not lost because there were a few good ones. Like a Phillies program when they won the World Series and a Giants program with Tim Lincecum on the cover from the April after he won his first Cy Young, entitled “So Good, So Young.”

Next are the tickets individual to the first baseball trip I ever took. It was: drive down to Philadelphia for two games against the Dodgers, drive back up right after the second game ended, fly to Detroit that same morning, watch the Tigers take on the Indians, take a bus to Pittsburgh, and watch the Brewers take on the Pirates for three games.

All of the series were sweeps and the highlights were, Pedro Feliciano hit a 3 run walk-off HR in I think double digit innings, Cliff Lee got his 19th win of the year to go along with only 2 losses at that point. At that point he was a one-year wonder and the Ace to replace CC Sabathia who had been traded to the Brewers and had been doing amazing as he was 5-0 at this point with the Brewers. Speaking of Sabathia, my next highlight came when he threw what should have been a no-hitter, but the Pittsburgh scorer gave one of the “Laroche”s a hit on a dribbler that Sabathia dropped, citing that it was an above average play for the man who had barehanded a line drive to him the previous inning. I may eventually get around to blogging about these games, but it probably won’t be until next year as I am and predict to be very busy until then.

Next are the variety of rosters I have printed out to know who the players are on the teams in the game that I happened to watch that day.

Notice that some have pictures. Usually this only happens on trips because when I am at home I am more pressed for time, and yes, I did print out a roster for the umpires (third from the top and left).

If you’re thinking that all the games I go to must produce a lot of tickets, here is an emphatic “YES!”

I apologize for the shoddy lasso job, although I am mildly skilled in the art of Photoshop, I can’t afford it for my home computer.

Ha, you thought those were all my tickets.

Those were only my electronic tickets. Pictured above are my “stubs”, I guess you could call them. These aren’t necessarily  only tickets to baseball games, but they are pertaining to baseball. For example, I took two excursions while I was in Atlanta. Can you find the tickets to these two separate places’ tickets?

Next is my (partial) collection of signed items. Partial because I had 17 signed balls at the beginning of the year, but gave away about 15 of them.

Andy Pettitte

Luke Gregorson and Mike Adams (as you may be able to read from the little tabs that I have with every signed ball)

Rollie Fingers. Yes, his mustache does look just a little bit funnier in person.

Tony Cruz a.k.a. the back up catcher for the Cardinals.

Ryota Igarashi

Jonny Venters

Doug Slaten and Emilio Bonifacio

Drew Storen

Now we begin the cycle of random baseball things with two Mets bobbleheads.

Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Starting in 2006, I vote for the All-Star Game via the paper ballots every stadium has out. I also have kept a few from the last few years:

This next one I received for my birthday and didn’t think it quite fit in with the MLB T-Shirt picture. So I decided to make it its own picture.

Again, here are two framed cards that I didn’t think quite fit in the “framed things” category nor the “baseball cards” picture.

The first is explained by the fact that my two favorite players growing up were Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire. Sad, I know. The second was given to me in conjunction with the Babe Ruth ball I elaborated on in the “non-MLB baseballs” picture.

Here, are two pitching figurines I have no idea how they came into my possession. What I do know is that they are supposed to be Don Drysdale and Roger Clemens, respectively.

Here is another figurine of the (Old?) Yankee Stadium with a baseball for perspective.

Here are the Ice Cream Helmets I used to collect with my dad when we went to stadiums.

I may continue this in the future, but probably won’t remember to do so for every stadium.

Next are the gloves I used in 2011 and 2010, in order of usage.

Now we get into the items I have received as part of promotions by teams. Starting with the Nationals’ schedule for 2012.

Here we have a fan type thing the Yankees gave away. The Yankees don’t have many promotions and they usually aren’t that good, because they are usually companies just trying to advertise. There are exceptions, but for the most part, the Yankees don’t need promotions to get people to come to the ballpark.

Next are some sunglasses that the Mets gave out early in the year. I usually brought them to games as a further affirmation of my paranoia that players would recognize me (another disguise).

The next picture is a lunchbox that I got on that same trip to Philadelphia in 2008.

Did I mention that Manny had just gotten to the Dodgers recently before that series and the Phillies fans were already booing him. When my dad asked a fan in the upper deck, “Why are you booing him? He just got here. He couldn’t’ve done anything to you ALREADY, right?” the Phillie fan responded, “Oh, we boo everyone.”

Next are two promotional items I got when I was in Pittsburgh on that same trip. The first is a wall-clock. The second is a commemorative plate.

Next are my three non-Met baseball bobble heads. They should be pretty easy to identify considering the names are on the bases.

Here, is a link to a picture of the Jose Reyes cape I got for the Mets’ promotion, Fiesta Latina. This comes because the pictures I took of mine are blurry beyond belief.

Here are two shirts (front and back) that I got by going to Nats games at the end of the year. The first is a promotional “Strasburg Returns” shirt and the second is a “PNC Virtual Wallet T-shirt Toss” shirt.

Finally, my last baseball items that I have photographic proof of are… my baseball books.

For the record, I *do* have Moneyball, but I usually recommend it to people and said recommendation usually ends in me lending that book to said people.

If you got to this point in the entry, I commend you. I hope that you at least got a chuckle off of how much a person can be obsessed with baseball enough to write an entry this long.